About Bucharest style

Some of us walk daily in the streets without noticing fashion. We look closely at people and their outfits to find out the most original or fashionable pieces or accesories and to discover the personality of so many creative people.

The aim of this blog is to capture the style of Bucharest, because we believe in the fashion sense of so many people living in this town who have to be proud of who they are.  We just love observing , taking pictures and meeting new people every day.

We feature the most creative people we find in the streets or at events, fashionable rooms, interviews of stylish bloggers, romanian designer collections, events and their reviews.

Bucharest style, you make the fashion, you are the inspiration, so watch out for us:

Watch out for Sil!

Since I first saw the Sartorialist I've fallen in love with street style blogs. After a while I've started watching the looks of all the people that walked down the street. I see every day outfits that are very creative, fashionable and very original. So, since they are not so many street style blogs in Bucharest, I decided with my good friend Raluca to create Bucharest style. Think wisely before you dress-up, because we’re gonna be looking for you.

Watch out for Raluca!

Yeah, so how did I decide to start this street style blog? Well, it's simple. One of my best friends is very passionate about fashion and we generally have the same tastes regarding this, so she said we should do this together. Hope you'll enjoy this and see you in the city:).

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    Bucharest style celebrated 1 year along with the launch of Lachatterie&Pixie shoes showroom

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